Paul R. Carter
College of Business Administration
Harding University

Alumni Survey
The information obtained from this survey will be used for improving the educational process in the College of Business Administration at Harding University. Thank you in advance for assisting us in education for eternity and preparing Christian business professionals for lives of service.

I. General Information:


2. Year of Graduation:

     Month of Graduation:


3. Major(s) in Business:

II. Placement Information: (skip to section III if currently in full-time graduate school)
5. What best describes your current employment status?

8. Was this position related to your field of study?

9.   Which factor below do you believe was most important to your employer in finding your first job?

10. Who helped you to obtain your first full-time position after graduation? (mark all that apply)

11. Annual salary range of first employment:

If not, please include current employer information.



COBA Mission..."To prepare Christian business professionals for lives of service."