Three simple words

There are three simple words students hear every day (especially the ones without chapel skips), and they have come to be the “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” of the Benson.

“You are dismissed.”

While many students giving personal announcements jump at the opportunity to let their people go, the declaration just feels right when delivered by Dr. Burks himself. In fact, I think next to “camaraderie,” it’s probably his most quoted line.

As I was streaming chapel today and heard him release the masses, it made me wonder how that sentence will sound coming from the mouth of our next University president, whomever that may be.

While there’s no way of knowing just how many times Burks has spoken that statement during his time as president (Will Farrell has the lead on “Live from New York” with 32 times, in case you like random tidbits like that), his legacy is more than just a departure, but a feeling of spiritual reverence along with “high-spirited fellowship” (the ever popular definition of camaraderie) found every day in the Benson.

We still have a little more time to enjoy his daily dismissal before he passes the baton in spring 2013, and, until then, he can set the number of times spoken a little higher for his predecessor to reach.

Jennifer Hannigan, copy editor/writer

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