Jazz hands and glitter

Two tigers and an acrobat, Spring Sing 2005. (I'm on the far right.)

Not growing up in the state of Arkansas or at a church that trekked long distances to come to Harding’s campus in the spring, I had never seen Spring Sing until I decided to be in it my freshman year.

A majority of the spring semester was dedicated to practicing the choreography and getting my fierce tiger looks just right (the show I was in was all about the circus). When the time came for our first big performance, I stood on the dark Benson stage in a slightly ill-fitting costume that made me look more like a prison escapee (an orange jumpsuit with spray-painted black stripes) with my face painted in matching detail. I felt more like a child trick-or-treating than a performer.

But then, the lights came up, our opening song started, and the show began. And although I know full and well that the Benson holds no true magical powers, something about being there singing a lyrically altered version of “Wild Thing” by The Troggs transformed me from sleep-deprived freshman to Broadway-performing tigress. (Although I won’t be auditioning for “Cats!” anytime soon.) My Spring Sing-required jazz hands were on point, and my growl was extremely authentic.

Campus has been crawling with this year’s performers scurrying about in makeup and costume, making last minute preparations for the weekend’s upcoming shows. I hope that their hard work and dedication pays off in many fond memories on which to look back. And plenty of jazz hands.

Jennifer Hannigan, copy editor/writer



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