Guest blogger President Bruce McLarty: Dogwoods


Have you seen the dogwoods this year? I love dogwood trees, and I think I always have. That is one of the primary reasons the spring of the year is so special to me on the Harding campus. The dogwoods blossom, the azaleas bloom, and the Spring Sing guests appear on campus. In the very best of years, like this one, they all arrive during the same week.


This spring I decided to start my own quest to find the prettiest dogwood tree on campus. I found that once you start looking, you realize that there are spectacular dogwoods everywhere! So I took pictures to tweet, and before long others were joining in on my search — people like Harding University photographers Jeff Montgomery and Matt Dobson.



My favorite bit of feedback on this pursuit of Harding’s best dogwood came from a student who said, “I know this sounds terrible, but before you started tweeting pictures of the dogwoods I didn’t know that we had any on campus. Now I realize that they are everywhere you look, and they are so beautiful!”


I’ve often heard that longtime Harding administrator and history professor Virgil Lawyer was the person who led the campaign to plant dogwoods on the Harding campus. This spring I have delighted both in his dogwood trees and in getting to introduce a new generation to their beauty.

Dr. Bruce McLarty, president 




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