Rebuilt, redesigned and repurposed

Today, Harding launched its biggest website redesign in the history of the University’s Web presence, which began in 1996 when a computer science faculty member created


Since that time, the website has continually been updated, and content has been added to create what you now see.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.37.12 PM

There are a number of new features to the website, including a responsive design component that allows for compatibility on all devices. Today, I’ve been looking at the website on my phone, and it’s just as beautiful there as it is on my computer screen.


Some of my favorite new additions to the website include the interactive map on the home page that shows locations around the world of mission trips, study abroad programs and alumni. I also really love the Harding People page, which highlights a number of student, faculty and alumni stories spanning a wide range of topics and interests. You can see that page at

Today is a day of excitement across campus as everyone is enjoying this impressive piece of Harding’s identity. Today also is a day of celebration for the talented and creative professionals who have been working diligently to complete this monumental project. Explore the new site, and let us know what you think about the result of all the hard work these individuals have contributed.

Hannah Beall Owens, director of news services


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