#SpringatHarding and #SpringSing15

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One of my jobs at Harding is being responsible for the content that goes on the Harding Instagram page. Last week we started using the #SpringatHarding hashtag on our photos to promote community and hopefully get students involved in sharing their photos. I love shooting the campus flowers in the spring. The pansies like the red one above have been here all winter, but after the snow and ice, they can look a little sad. As the temperatures warm up, they revive, and the colors of the blooms are just amazing.

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I have to admit that the photography teacher in me took this photo. Nothing like some warm-cool color contrast to make an image jump off the screen. Visually speaking the bright warm color of the daffodil seems to come forward in the image while the cool dark colors recede even deeper into the background.

enhanceThe weeping cherry tree blooms only for a few days but what an amazing show it puts on.
Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.07.45 AMThe Bradford Pear trees are all around the campus.

04-01-2015-Dogwood trees are my favorite spring bloomer on campus. and they seem to bloom overnight.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.18.12 AMHannah Owens used this dogwood photo for this week’s Friday photo verse that we put out on Facebook and Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.08.25 AMLots of other things happen in spring beside flowers blooming. This week we had several home baseball and softball games and those events also fall under #SpringatHarding.


This weekend we add #SpringSing15  to the hashtag list.  I have already seen the show twice, and it is outstanding.

I hope you will come to campus and enjoy the spring flowers and Spring Sing and also that you will use the hashtags and share your photos with us.

Jeff Montgomery, photographer

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