They’re back

Welcome to Harding sign.04-25-13-1008696Even though it is extremely hot right now in Searcy, summer is about to be over.

How do I know? Student teachers are back as they begin in-service today in many districts.

Football managers also are back, and athletic trainers begin tomorrow preparing for the fall seasons.

The football team reports Friday and holds their first practice Saturday. Volleyball, soccer and cheerleaders move in this weekend as do resident assistants and the band.

The third session of Stampede is Wednesday, the 19th, and dorms officially open the following day for Student Impact.

Harding is about to get crazy busy welcoming freshmen and returning students to campus. It is always a fun and exciting time as anticipation becomes reality for freshmen, and returning students enthusiastically arrive back. A relatively quiet campus over the summer becomes a beehive of activity and back to the way it should be.

Even though I will miss the dog days of summer, welcome fall semester. Especially welcome to 1,250 freshmen and transfers, the newest members of the Harding family. We are so glad you are here.

Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer


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