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My daughter's Instagram post on June 3 reads "We never took breaks, only appreciation stops. mount Olympus was almost as amazing as the people I climbed it with!" She is shown on far right with Haley Smith , Kassandra Fetz and Brad Dodick.

My daughter’s Instagram post on June 3 reads “We never took breaks, only appreciation stops. Mount Olympus was almost as amazing as the people I climbed it with!” Becca is shown on far right with Haley Smith, Kassandra Fetz and Brad Dodick.

When your child goes overseas to one of Harding University’s international programs, he or she isn’t the only one learning and experiencing different cultures.

You are, too.

My daughter is studying at Harding’s program in Greece this summer. It is a totally different experience for my wife and for me than it was when our son studied at the Florence, Italy, campus in fall 2011. We didn’t have iPhones in those dark ages. We may have Skyped twice the entire semester, so we felt rather disconnected.

Not this time. We text often, she sends photos anytime, we usually Facetime over the phone once a week, and Instagram and Facebook are providing lots of pictures.

When communicating I just have to keep in mind the eight-hour time difference as she is waking up when I am heading to bed.

One of the best things about this semester in Greece has been that the students write about their trips and take turns emailing the parents, along with sending amazing videos they have made. One of the directors, Loren Beason, is a strong blogger, and her posts on hugreece.com/summer-2016 on their recent excursion to Israel have helped keep me so connected, I almost feel that I have been there with them.

As a parent, the initial expense made me wonder whether it was worth it. After seeing posts just a few days into the summer, I had no doubt it was worth every penny. I’m not sure how one puts a price on experiences such as visiting the Holy Land and climbing Mount Olympus. I believe God’s word is now more real to her than it has ever been.

My wife and I discussed on a recent walk that when she returns, she will not be the same person. How could she be? She has seen and experienced so much in such a short time.

This semester is an investment that I believe is and will continue to pay big dividends. While I’m anxious for her return, I am loving the opportunities to share her experiences along the way.

Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer

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  1. Lee Kauper’s avatar

    My son Evan went to Greece with HUG in the Spring of 2015. He IS a wonderfully changed person after that trip! He had the most amazing time with the Beasons, who were his mom and dad (and sister!), for 3 months!
    Thank you for putting into words all that this mom experienced and felt when her son was so far away from home. It was an experience of a lifetime that he will always remember and you will share with your daughter! It makes this big world just a little smaller and praise God, a lot less scary!

    Lee Kauper


  2. Jennifer Chandler’s avatar

    Our son, Steven, was assistant to the director at HUG from January 2011 through July 2015. He had been to Greece in 2007 as a graduating high school senior with Harding’s Honors Abroad program and again for the summer semester at HUG in 2009 before being hired to work there for Harding upon graduation in 2011. The experiences students receive truly are life changing. My husband and I were privileged to visit four times during the years he worked there. It was life changing for us, too. You truly cannot calculate the value of that experience.



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