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Famous for FifteenThis morning on the way to work, “The Final Countdown” started playing on the radio. How appropriate. While our alma mater is typically the anthem associated with Harding, this next week is a different story — next week is “The Final Countdown.”

It’s crunch time for many on campus involved in Spring Sing to get the final details of choreography cleaned up, to finish the final touches on props and costumes, and make sure lighting, sound and graphics are perfected.

On another side of campus is another final countdown: the new Harding website. While the countdown to the website involves more coding than excess glitter, Spring Sing and the website both bring visitors to our campus, so I’d make the claim that they both serve an important purpose.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.53.06 AMBut through my time on The Bison newspaper staff, in my internships and now in the Office of Public Relations, I’ve learned that strenuous deadlines are when people amaze you the most. It could be a project that has moved along like molasses until that deadline sneaks up on you, and then magically all the brilliant ideas you’ve been waiting for come out of the woodwork. It’s then when you see that every person involved has enough motivation and determination to run a marathon while playing the guitar and conducting an orchestra.

Please note: If you actually know someone who can do these three things at once, please send their information. I’d like to interview them.

Regardless — it’s go time, and exciting things are happening on Harding’s campus.

Stay tuned for the website redesign launch coming March 31, and join us for Spring Sing “Famous for Fifteen” April 2-4.

Bethany Aspey, web content manager

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