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Liz Howell freshman

Liz Howell, freshman year (Petit Jean yearbook)

Remembering my first day at Harding is easy because I relive it each time I walk across campus. A calm, sweet spirit fills my soul as I walk under the canopies of oak trees and remember how quickly 40 years have passed. I lived in Kendall, and my best and oldest friend from home, Rhonda Brown Wilson, lived in Cathcart. We decided not to room together because we didn’t want to take a chance on hurting our friendship. We had a well-worn trail between our dorms and were inseparable during our first semester. As a girl from a small town in Southwest Arkansas, Searcy was a big city with many food choices that included pizza and cheese dip. I loved going to church camp, and I felt like going to Harding was better than church camp and a glimpse of heaven. I lived on the third floor and ran those stairs numerous times a day, and there was no air conditioning. I think I took two or three showers a day because it was so hot! We only had one phone on each wing, and miraculously that worked. That had to be some kind of divine intervention. Marcy Helton Allison, from Bossier City, Louisiana, lived across the hall from me. We became friends on my first day in the dorm. Rhonda and Marcy are the type of friends who I don’t see often, but they are life-long friends because of our Harding experience.

Liz Howell, assistant to the president for alumni and parent relations

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