Testing professionals collaborate on campus at ACTA conference

Collegiate testing professionals from across the state gathered May 25 on the Harding University campus for the semi-annual Arkansas College Testing Association conference. Tina Gould, director of testing and incoming president for the association in the fall hosted the event.

The conference brought together the testing professionals to collaborate on topics in the testing industry, address ACTA business, and elect new association officers. Participants got to hear from speakers on academic testing achievement, and share success stories from their institutions.

Dr. Jenene Alexander, director of professional counseling at Harding, was the speaker for the conference. Alexander’s presentation included various topics relating to academic testing, which including testing students with accommodations, disabilities, and test anxiety.

“Dr. Alexander provided a wealth of knowledge and experience to the members,” Gould said. “It was an honor to have her come and share with the attendees,” Gould said.

“The ACTA is a very supportive group,” Gould said. “Any time a member has a question regarding an exam, it is very comforting to know you can pick up the phone and call a testing professional at another Arkansas college or university and ask them about a policy or procedure at their institution.”

Gould said ACTA and the conference has been a bridge between testing professionals and agencies around the state, and it has fostered an environment for greater collaboration among those two groups.

Under her leadership of the organization, Gould hopes to provide more opportunities for members of the organization to learn and grow together. She added membership growth, especially in individuals who are indirectly involved with testing, is another key goal when she begins her leadership role in the fall.

“The more collaboration we have with other educational leaders, the more ideas we will generate and solutions we will discover,” Gould said. “Building these relationships will assist us in our ultimate goal, which is to find ways to better serve the needs of our students.”

ACTA’s fall conference will be held at the Hot Springs Convention Center on Oct. 4 and 5.

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