Residence halls renovated and prepped for 2017-18 school year

Aug. 8, 2017 | Residence Life |

Throughout the summer months, several renovation and upgrade projects were completed with Cone Hall receiving major improvements and all other dorms getting minor updates like repainting and cleaning.

Cone Hall, which primarily houses male upperclassmen, saw a complete renovation. The entire dorm was painted and had new carpet installed.  The lobby, kitchen and common areas received new flooring and cabinetry, and each room was updated with all-new stoves and refinished cabinetry. A new sprinkler system and cooling and heating system were also installed.

“We try to do a dorm a summer. With 13 dorms and several apartment complexes, sometimes we do two a summer to keep from falling too far behind,” said Danny DeRamus, director of physical resources. “There are multiple criteria used to decide which is in the greatest need — number of work orders, age, system problems and other issues.”

Renovation of all University dorms began in summer 2003 with the goal of updating each dorm in succession.

At the conclusion of each summer break, President Bruce McLarty, Executive Vice President David Collins and other University officials walk through each residence hall making sure it is in good condition and move-in ready for fall semester.

“During the summer, we have hundreds of guests come in and stay in the dorms for sports camps, Uplift, Stampede and a number of other events,” McLarty said. “So each summer, we make sure to do a thorough walk-through of all University housing and ensure that it’s ready for our students’ return.”

Cathcart Hall received a new roof, and Shores and Pryor halls’ exterior entries were painted. In addition, every vent cover in every dorm room and apartment was cleaned, replaced or repainted.

There are a total of 13 residence halls on campus with apartment-style privileged housing available for both men and women. All dorms open at 9 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 17, for students to begin moving in.

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