Welcome To Mamon Island Resort!

The Philippines are a secluded series of islands in the Pacific with remarkable natural beauty yet untouched by large amounts of tourism. This makes it a perfect place to get away and escape from the rustling and bustling of everyday life. Located in the southeastern chain of islands, we offer a wide variety of relaxing opportunities and activities to take part in, so come and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, surf on the crisp blue waters, or take part in the small native community here at Mamon Island. If you want the tropical getaway that really lets you get away, then this is the place for you!

Island Life

Relax as you lay out on the beach, go for a swim, try your hand at surfing, or simply enjoy the cabin, which has all the amenities from home you could want, including water, electricity from solar power, and wifi. This island getaway is perfect for couples of any age for a romantic trip, families for a much needed vacation from work and school, or anyone just looking for an escape from the excitement and stress of daily life.


The community here on Mamon Island will make you feel at home even while you're thousands of miles away. Although the community on Mamon Island is small, they gladly embrace visitors and will be happy to show you the ropes whether you're surfing or just wandering the peaceful island beaches.


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NevHouse is an organization whose purpose is to create sustainable housing for underprivileged areas or those without much access to normal infrastructure. The houses are built with primarily recycled materials. This is generally a complicated process, but NevHouse has begun to simplify it. NevHouse has done work in several countries, from Indonesia to Papua New Guinea, and their structures are the primary housing for the Mamon Island Resort.

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The United Nations

The Mamon Island Resort is a United Nations sponsored project. As a low-cost housing and economic project on a small island, the U.N. was supportive throughout the creation process of this island economy. Visit their website to learn more about the U.N.’s goals for sustainable development in small islands here.