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Our mission is to foster an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals through education, legislation and leadership. To care for the homeless, to defend the abused and to fight with unrelenting diligence for recognition of the integrity of all animals.


SAS adopted 11,620 animals in 2015, with a 98% save rate. Our adoption rate is consistently 3-4 times above the national average and is one of the highest in the nation. The number of pets adopted in 2015 was the largest since the new SAS shelter building opened in 2000. Pets at SAS pets remain available for adoption as long as necessary (sometimes six months or more), and are never euthanized for space reasons.The SAS save rate of 98% is even more impressive because it includes 6,383 animals transferred to SAS from 84 animal welfare agencies (such as humane societies and animal control agencies). These animals were given a “second chance” at finding a home through SAS when time and resources had run out at their original shelters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you have a question that is not answered here.

Provide a copy of the rabies certificate at any local veterinarian or a copy to Searcy Animal Welfare and a city tag will be issued. City tags are renewed once yearly.
Rabies vaccination is Arkansas State Law and city ordinance. A city license provides Animal Welfare the proper information to return a lost animal back to its rightful owner.
You can file a complaint with the Conway Animal Welfare. The next step would be to keep a log of how long the dog barks and at what times.