Cecil Cove Trail

Cecil Cove Trail is located in central Arkansas, near the town Jasper. The trail itself is easy to find right beyond an old church building. It is a 7.4 mile loop. Follow the wagon trail across the creek and you will reach the trailhead.

There are three main attractions along this trail. Thunder Canyon falls, Paige falls, and Broadwater Falls. Thunder Canyon can be reached by a short half mile hike off the main trial. The other two falls are right on the trail. The hike is very strenuous, as there is a steep uphill assent towards the later half of the loop. Also be wary of sections where the trail becomes hard to follow. in several places the trees have been taped to help guide hikers, so keep an eye out for those.

Also near the end of the loop are a couple caves call the Devils Den. Unfortunately they have been closed for the time being however if you are subscribed to our newsletter we will alert you the moment they are reopened! Happy Hiking!