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Bethany Halford (’07) and Amanda Jerkins (’01) heard about each other through their husbands and mutual friends for years before meeting. The “style soul mates” soon teamed up to create Whoa, Wait. Walmart?, a media platform featuring fashionable items and deals at Wal-Mart.

Halford and Jerkins both graduated from Harding with degrees in fashion and interior merchandising. In 2013, Halford began a blog where she shared various stylish items from Wal-Mart and similar stores. After joining with Jerkins, the friends created an Instagram
account for that same purpose, titled Whoa, Wait. Walmart?, which
currently has a following of more than 94,000.

“The business side of it keeps evolving into new aspects, but the basis for starting it was sharing things with people because we really love being able to say that you don’t have to go spend tons of money on this item because you can still have great style and save a lot of money,” Halford said. “Amanda and I both live on a budget, so it’s
really genuine.”

Whoa, Wait has become a full-time job for Halford and Jerkins.
Halford currently resides in Bentonville and shops and posts from stores in northwest Arkansas while Jerkins explores stores in the Nashville, Tennessee, area.

In February 2017, the duo launched their clothing line Whoa, Wait, which is available at Halford and Jerkins work closely with a designer in Los Angeles that sells apparel to several stores.

“When the designer contacted us, it was a really great direction for us to take,” Jerkins said. “We were so thrilled, we definitely had aspirations of getting products into Wal-Mart, so that is something that we were working toward, but we didn’t know exactly what that path would be and how it would look.”

Halford and Jerkins hope to expand their clothing line into multiple categories in Wal-Mart stores.

“We are just so thankful for all the opportunities that keep coming our way. We work really hard, but we had a really fun time building this brand,” Halford said. “Just seeing Whoa, Wait continue to grow really is my goal, and see what else God sends our way because, when we started, we did not know exactly where it would take us, and it has been such an amazing journey to just watch that unfold.”

—Savanna DiStefano

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