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On Oct. 12, 2018, my Instagram post featured a Harding reunion in Minnesota. Eight of the nine alumni who are now Mayo Clinic nurses were at the home of Dr. Greg (’85) and Heidi Bettich (’85) Kays in Red Wing, Minnesota, picking apples and making hot apple cider.

Our magazine reached out to these nurses, and beginning on page 24, you may read in their own words stories of their service at Mayo as well as how they were prepared by their training in the Carr College of Nursing.
Since the program’s beginning in 1975, the College of Nursing’s mission of “Developing Nurses as Christian Servants,” is a heritage that creates the opportunity for close student-faculty relationships and mentoring along with a variety of clinical experiences. My wife, Ann, is a proud 1980 graduate of this program.

We were thrilled but not surprised by the College of Nursing’s ranking by as the No. 1 program in the state. On its site it states “Harding University is home to the renowned Carr College of Nursing, a prestigious program for those committed to receive their BSN or MSN. With flexible options and clinical training that can integrate mission work, Harding graduates are highly sought after.”

Also in this edition (page 14), read the stories of three families and their beautiful homes in Legacy Park, an on-campus development that is quickly growing and enhancing the Harding campus community.

We also obtained permission from Champion magazine to reprint their summer 2018 cover story (page 18) which featured our Bison mascot, Buff. Their cover lines say Buff is “a lesson in following dreams, earning respect and capturing the heart of a campus.” This story will warm your heart.

Fall has been rewarding on campus in so many ways and, as you read this, our spring semester has begun. We ask God’s blessings on it as well as you, our readers, in 2019.

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