Passing the torch

You may recall the cover of last year’s spring magazine showcased a Texas native after former first lady Laura Bush spoke on campus April 16, 2018.

This spring we are excited to feature another Texas native on our cover, Dr. Beckie Weaver. As the first dean of the College of Allied Health, she has forged an admirable and courageous path during her 37-year tenure at the University.

Beckie was one of my very first friends when my wife and I moved to Searcy in 1991. We ate lunch together at Mazzio’s after Bible class every Sunday as part of the Barnabas class. While our paths are not as closely entwined these days, my respect and admiration for this Christian servant are constant.

She is one of many employees retiring this year who have had a profound influence on the University. To say they will be missed is an understatement.

While writing this I was brought back in time to an article written by Dr. Neale Pryor in the winter 2000 edition titled “Passing the Torch.” Pryor writes, “Our future does not depend upon keeping this generation of leaders, but upon ensuring that our next generation of leaders are godly, faithful members of his church who are committed to following his word.”

People like Beckie.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

—Tom Buterbaugh, editor/designer

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